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Hello! Welcome to my Place of Writing. If you've strayed here, that probably means you've been reading my Doctor Who stories somewhere out there in cyberspace. Well, they're all here, along with other things I'm working on: snippets, excerpts, short stories and longer writing projects. I'm very fond of starting pieces of writing, less good at finishing them (which is why I'm rather proud of my Doctor Who Trilogy: As The World Falls Down. At the time of writing, I've completed two of the three stories- 'Journey's Beginning' and 'Through Dangers Untold' and I'm working on the third, tentatively titled 'Gallifrey Rising').

If you like my DW fic, hopefully you'll also like my non-DW stories. So please stick around, explore a bit and leave me a comment! I love hearing what people think and really appreciate constructive criticism as I'm constantly trying to improve my writing.

Worth the Monsters, Chapter One: "Running"

10/Rose. Post "Girl in the Fireplace" multi-chapter missing scene story.
Category: U (no dirty bits as yet!)

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10/Rose (POST JOURNEY’S END) Rose and the Doctor try to work out the nature of the evil creatures that are haunting the mysterious little town of Nordstrøm near Bad Wolf Bay. But it might take them a while: they keep getting a bit distracted! ;-) NC-17
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Jackie, Rose and the Doctor reached Nordstrøm just as the last of the light drained from the sky. The long walk from Bad Wolf Bay had taken them along a series of deserted coastal roads, and they were all relieved when they finally sighted the little community: the only town for miles around. It was a small, sleepy place, nestled between pine-covered hills.

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Rose yawned, stretched and sat up. She opened her eyes and for a second she couldn’t remember where she was. Confused, she looked around at the shabby little wooden floored room. It was gloomy, but dimly lit by the dawn light that filtered through the small, grubby window in the corner. Then she saw him, and remembered.
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“Can you believe it?" said Jackie loudly as she came back into the room. "None of them have got a phone, not even a landline.”

Rose groaned, and reluctantly extricated herself from the Doctor’s arms.

“Preachers?” she said.

”Yeah,” said Jackie. “Can you believe it’s spread all the way here?”Read more...Collapse )
They sped along the gloomy forest track. The ground was covered with pine needles and they formed a sort of cushion, masking the sound of the quad bike’s wheels. The trees formed a dense column on either side of the path, and the light reaching the ground was dim and green. Every so often Rose would glance up, taking comfort from the thin stripe of blue sky visible between the trees, but it wasn’t enough. She felt tense and claustrophobic, almost scared, despite the fact the Doctor was behind her. Read more...Collapse )
The rusty old truck rattled along the forest track at top speed with the Doctor and Rose in the back. He was crouched on top of her with a hand on each of her shoulders, holding her down. Her body bucked and writhed underneath him. He tried hard not to think of their last journey together in the back of this truck. She’d been writhing around then too, but for entirely different reasons. Read more...Collapse )